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ResourcesEcological roles of dingoes in Australian landscapes

Summary: Land used for extensive sheep and goat grazing across Australia is presently experiencing a rapid resurgence in the use of exclusion fences intended to facilitate the local eradication of dingoes, Australia’s largest terrestrial predator. Dingoes are common and widespread, but their local eradication within large fenced areas offers the opportunity to investigate their ecological roles, including their potential roles in mesopredator release and trophic cascade processes. This project involves the implementation of large-scale and long-term classical experiments to evaluate the responses of mammal, bird and reptile communities to the complete removal of dingoes. The project commenced in 2012 and is expected to continue until at least 2025.

Researchers involved: Benjamin Allen, Geoff Castle, John Carter, Deane Smith, Peter Elsworth, Lee Allen

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Photo credit: Benjamin Allen