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Canid Biology & Conservation

About Canid Biology & Conservation

A peer-reviewed journal of the IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group on the biology and conservation of the Canidae

Canid Biology and Conservation (formerly Canid News) is the peer-reviewed, scientific journal of the IUCN/SSC Canid Specialist Group devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research on the biology and conservation of all members of the family Canidae (wolves, dogs, jackals and foxes). The goal of CBC is to publish high-quality articles that not only convey the excitement of canid biology, but also inform upon new and interesting aspects of canid behaviour and ecology and address important conservation problems.

CBC publishes original articles in six categories, including perspectives, synthesis, distribution updates, research reports, field reports, responses. The journal is an online, open-access publication and read by conservationists, ecologists and resource managers worldwide.

CBC seeks papers that are novel and written in a way that is accessible to an audience that includes an array of disciplines (e.g., conservation biologists, ecologists, wildlife managers, government officers, canid enthusiasts) concerned with an array of issues (e.g. biology, conservation, livestock losses, animal welfare, methodology). We encourage papers that make use of the unique opportunities of an e-journal: colour illustrations, photographs, links to video clips, downloadables, and other novel inventions that may encourage reader interaction. Instructions are based chiefly on those available for Ecology and Society, a pioneer online journal.

Manuscript submission, peer-review and publication are all handled electronically. As articles are accepted, they are given a Volume and Issue number, posted online at as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat file, and announced to subscribers via Canids-L and other electronic means. The permanence of the journal is guaranteed by the Canid Specialist Group, by redundancy of the source (it will be available on and mirrored on an additional site, and by archiving of hard copies at Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit website.


The content of CBC online ranges from the applied to the theoretical. Topics covered include:

  • the biology of all canid species, including taxonomy, morphology, physiology, genetics, ecology, population demography, and behaviour;
  • population status and distribution of all members of the canid family;
  • population and habitat modelling relevant to canid populations;
  • innovative approaches to canid conservation;
  • conflicts between canids and human interests; and
  • the management of wild canid populations.


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