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Canid Biology & Conservation

Formerly Canid News Online

A peer-reviewed online journal on the biology and conservation of the Canidae Published by the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

A peer-reviewed, online scientific journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research on all wild species of the family Canidae (wolves, dogs, jackals and foxes).

The goal of CBC is to include high-quality articles that not only convey the excitement of canid biology, but also inform upon new and interesting aspects of canid behaviour and ecology and address important conservation problems. 

23.5 The comeback of wolves in mid-western Anatolia
by Safak Arslan, Adem Akyol and Deniz Mengulluoglu
(pdf 348.69kb)
23.4 First record of mixed species association between dholes and a wolf from Satpura Tiger Reserve, India
by Pallavi Ghaskadbi, Jesan Das, Vineith Mahadev and Bilal Habib
(pdf 369.23kb)
23.2 Distribution update: Recent records of Indian wolves from Bharuch and Surat districts, Gujarat, India
by Krunal Trivedi, Pratik Parmar and Chinmaysinh Solanki
(pdf 544.94kb)
23.1 Distribution update: First photographic record of Indian wolf in Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Bihar, India
by Kamlesh K. Maurya, Shariq Shafi, Ambarish Mall, Gaurav Ojha and Hem Kant Roy
(pdf 609.8kb)