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Canid Biology & Conservation

Recent Issues

23.5 The comeback of wolves in mid-western Anatolia
by Safak Arslan, Adem Akyol and Deniz Mengulluoglu
(pdf 348.69kb)
23.4 First record of mixed species association between dholes and a wolf from Satpura Tiger Reserve, India
by Pallavi Ghaskadbi, Jesan Das, Vineith Mahadev and Bilal Habib
(pdf 369.23kb)
23.2 Distribution update: Recent records of Indian wolves from Bharuch and Surat districts, Gujarat, India
by Krunal Trivedi, Pratik Parmar and Chinmaysinh Solanki
(pdf 544.94kb)
23.1 Distribution update: First photographic record of Indian wolf in Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Bihar, India
by Kamlesh K. Maurya, Shariq Shafi, Ambarish Mall, Gaurav Ojha and Hem Kant Roy
(pdf 609.8kb)