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Canid Biology & Conservation

Recent Issues

21.3 Increased reproductive output of Danish red fox females following an outbreak of canine distemper
by Sussie Pagh, Mariann Chriél, Aksel Bo Madsen, Trine-Lee W. Jensen, Morten Elmeros, Tommy Asferg and Mette Sif Hansen
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21.1 Pampas foxes as prey of yellow anacondas
by Mario L. Chatellenaz, Gisela C. Müller and Gilberto A. Vallejos
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20.11 A roadmap to meaningful dingo conservation
by Benjamin L. Allen, Lee R. Allen, Guy Ballard, Stephen M. Jackson and Peter J.S. Fleming
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20.10 First ever record of a black-coloured maned wolf
by Guilherme Braga Ferreira, Cícero de Sá Barros, Ailton Barbosa da Costa, Tayane Silva Dias and Marcelo Juliano Rabelo Oliveira
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