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Canid Biology & Conservation

Recent Issues

24.3 Accuracy of aging kit foxes using cementum annuli analysis
by Brian L. Cypher, Jerry H. Scrivner and Gregory D. Warrick
(pdf 192.43kb)
24.2 Synthesis: Status and conservation of dholes in Indonesia
by Linnea Worsøe Havmøller, Rasmus Worsøe Havmøller, Ventie Angelia Nawangsari, Arif Pratiwi, Peter R. Møller and Carl Træholt
(pdf 578.3kb)
24.1 New distribution record of dhole from southern Kyrgyzstan using non-invasive genetic sampling
by Imogene A. Cancellare, Shannon M. Kachel, Zairbek Kubanychbekov, Rahim Kulenbekov, Kristine L. Pilgrim, Kyle P. McCarthy and Byron V. Weckworth
(pdf 366kb)
23.5 The comeback of wolves in mid-western Anatolia
by Safak Arslan, Adem Akyol and Deniz Mengulluoglu
(pdf 348.69kb)
23.4 First record of mixed species association between dholes and a wolf from Satpura Tiger Reserve, India
by Pallavi Ghaskadbi, Jesan Das, Vineith Mahadev and Bilal Habib
(pdf 369.23kb)