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Canid Biology & Conservation

Call for Papers

Papers published in Canid Biology and Conservation are defined in six categories:


Opinion editorials invited by the Editors to highlight important topics of science, conservation policy, and conservation practice (including field methods and population management) relevant to the Canidae. The length may not exceed 2,000 words.


Peer-reviewed articles that integrate various disciplines to suggest new opportunities for tackling conservation issues in the Canidae. Succinct papers are appreciated.

Distribution Updates

Short notes reporting extensions or contractions on the range of Canidae species. These communications areto extend the range of a given species or to document a local extinction or an error in distribution. The length may not exceed 2,000 words and references are to be kept to a minimal set. A map should be included whenever possible.

Field reports

Papers presenting singular discoveries, changes in conservation status, progress reports of conservation projects, new field projects, and short communications of methods or practice. The length may not exceed 2,000 words and references are to be kept to a minimal set.

Research reports

Peer-reviewed papers that present the results of original research covering any of the topics suggested above. The core article may not exceed 4,000 words, but the paper may contain any number of appendices of any kind (e.g. tables, graphs, maps, colour photographs, video clips, sound, computer animations, and original data bases).


A brief reply or comment on an article published in Canid News online. Short responses (less than 250 words) will be reviewed by the Editor who directed the peer-review for the article in question. Longer responses (250-1000 words) will be subject to more rigorous screening. If accepted, responses will be linked to the article commented upon. 


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