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Be coyote aware

Photo: Be coyote aware – Credit: Camilla Fox

Project: Project Coyote’s Coyote Friendly Communities™ program educates and equips urban and rural audiences with the tools, resources, and expertise needed to foster coexistence. The keys to coexistence are education, communication, science, and behavior modification. We work in collaboration with municipalities, wildlife agencies, humane societies, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, research institutions, and schools. Project Coyote’s Coyote Friendly Community™ program, adopted by many jurisdictions, emphasizes consistent messaging, agency collaboration, and community empowerment. Project Coyote Representatives give direct assistance and advice about how to live with coyotes and other wildlife. We offer public presentations and provide training to Animal Control Officers and law enforcement agencies.

Researchers: Camilla Fox, Michelle Lute, plus our Science Advisory Board (