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Rogerio de Paula



The Maned Wolf Working Group (MWWG) is an organization within the IUCN’s Canid Specialist Group created as a tool to improve the communication among the countries where the maned wolf occurs. It is composed of researchers from several areas of interest aiming to work in collaboration to dicuss and implement strategies for a better assessment of information and reduction of impacts related to the largest South American canid species.


What are the main objectives of the MWWG?

  • Identify and address specific conservation problems related to maned wolf conservation in each country
  • Monitor and update the MW Action Plan
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences among researchers throughout South America
  • Provide advice and recommendations to IUCN and specifically to the Canid Specialist Group about maned wolf conservation status


Potential activities related to the above objectives:

Objective 1:

  • Identify and monitor conservation threats to the species across the distribution range through regular surveys
  • Model the population viability specifically to regions and/or countries
  • Model the habitat suitability for the entire distribution range, countries, and regions of particular interest

Objective 2:

  • Elaborate collaborative strategies for the action plan implementing 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the MW Action Plan throughout the countries through virtual meetings and/or annual reports
  • Update the Maned Wolf Action Plan by the means of bi-annual presential workshops

Objective 3:

  • Create and maintain web space where researchers can post information, reports, updates, etc.
  • Create and maintain a database of researchers and their research
  • Maintain a virtual library (Mendeley for example) with papers, reports and “grey” literature on maned wolf and related topics to facilitate access of information among members.
  • Develop joint projects as needed and seek joint funding

Objective 4:

  • Define and rank stretegies for research and conservation actions
  • Provide technical advice and expert review of proposals involving the species
  • Provide official “approval” or institutional support for projects on priority topics that have been adequately reviewed by experts