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ResourcesMinimum land and prey requirements of dholes in Cambodia

Photo credit: WWF-Cambodia.

Photo credit: WWF-Cambodia.


In January 2013, we started a three-year project on the ecology of dholes in Cambodia. The primary goal of the project is to determine the minimum land and prey requirements of dholes. The specific objectives include determining the home ranges, density, diet, and prey selection of dholes in Mondulkiri Protection Forest in eastern Cambodia. This research will involve capturing and placing GPS collars on several dhole packs on each site to determine densities and home range sizes. Dietary analysis will be compared to prey densities to determine prey selection and number of ungulates consumed by dholes. Our results will determine the appropriate reserve size and prey density needed to conserve dhole populations in the region. Overall, this project will include training programs to help build local capacity, while also assisting long-term conservation efforts for dholes. This project is based in WildCRU, and is in collaboration with the WWF-Cambodia program.


Jan F. Kamler – WildCRU, University of Oxford, UK